Your Property moreuBeautifully!vWe planted flowers for you!!

"PROPERTY MANAGEMENT" is the most important point of the real estate investment!

INCOME is NOT "profit" !

Real estate investment management
is the same as business management.
Please see the figure below.

This means
In other words, the colored part will benefit.

It is necessary to make a profit continuously
that you need the management the income and cost.

You must have a professional knowledge property management
Ex. legal and tax for real estate.
Know-how as a service for resident to improve their satisfaction.

Many owners have problem as follows

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Do you know the expenses necessary for Property Management?
For example, there is such a expense...

Loan repaymentiIncluding interest ratejbTAXiProperty tax, City planning tax,Income tax, Resident tax, etc...jbManagement commission
Communal area maintenance costs Utilities cost for communal areabReform costs for recovery the room Advertising expenses to reduce the availability

Before you contract to purchase the real estate, KORYO JUHAN Co., Ltd. shows you

  • Really necessary costs for your property
  • Reason why your property needs the cost
  • Validity of the cost

For example,@"Validity of the cost".

Many owners will want to be less cost.
But it is NOT good idea to be spared the expense of busy season.
Busy season is a great opportunity to increase revenue.
You should be to answer quickly to the needs of prospective residents
even if you spend a large amount of money at that time.

There is a cost to the appropriate timing of expenditure !


"Validity of the cost"

Cost Reduction

Corporate efforts to reduce costs is done as a matter of course

To make a profit

We Verify whether the effective and essential cost to make a profit

Verified from both sides

We have long history of Property Management. So we can provide you "Validity of the cost".
Many owners wants our service for their real estate investment.

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Do you know that you need the cost when you buy real estate ?

Registration fee for transfer of ownershipbReal estate acquisition taxbCost mortgagorbBroker's commissionbFire insurance premium

Prperty Search HERE!

We show

  • "Validity of the cost"
  • Market data around the property
  • Advantage and disadvantage of the property
  • Estimated real yield

We recommend you to buy the property when you are convinced.

However, market trends are changing at a very fast speed.
So it is very important to respond quickly the risk of vacancy and rents decline.

We promise you
to be responsible for the after-sales service !!

leasing image KORYO JUHAN

We have taken the superior system for leasing.
We have network to work with a number of brokers, and more, we open the office near the Ueno station for those of who are looking for a room.

UENO RENT DEPARTMENT IS HERE!iJAPANESE ONLYjb1 minitues From JR Ueno Stationu5avexit

We can quickly get the needs of the end-user and market trends at UENO EKIMAE branch.
Their staff reports it to TOKYO branch to inform owners the market needs.
KORYO JUHAN has the staff with extensive knowledge and experience.
We can Verify multilateral in terms of costs and effects according to the individual.

uWe get the needs of the end-user,market trendsv¨uAnalysis of market needsv¨uReporting you market needs and trends instantaneouslyv

We are committed to providing Property Management
with fine-grained service and a sense of more speed by performing in-house leasing !

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It is said that the most important point for management is the selection of the reliable partner.
Since its inception in 1981, We have tried to gain the trust of our customers.

There are some disadvantages to Property management.
For example, it has been increasing vacancy risk.
We think "Property does not appear to leave" is that obtained yields stable.

Although it is often said that it is important to reduce the money residents pay such as Rent down and  No renewal fee,"Property does not appear to leave"  needs to the real property management based on visiting your property.

We visit many properties that are commissioned by the management to find the key points to appeal of your Properties.
The management of the common areas are very important point to keep occupancy rate.

Keeping cleanliness of common areas is common knowledge anymore, therefore,
we propose to look attractive properties by planting flowers.

Our owners are delighted with this proposal.
Please see their voices.


Planting and keeping beautiful flowers is
the proof of outstanding Property Management.

It takes you many merits, for example, Application for occupancy,
Improvement of decision during preview and Decrease in the rate of leave.

KORYO JUHAN can provides you proposal would be for you really because we are actually visit the property.
We are the trusted partner for real estate investment and Property Management.

Please contact us right now and get good infomation for you!
We will be able to cooperate with you!

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